Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva

CEO of Southern Procurement Services

Venezuelan Entrepreneur, currently living in the United States, with an ample experience in Hydrocarbons, gas, petrochemical, international procurement, and construction. He is a lawyer and petroleum expert. He has done studies in maritime law, business and international business. His studies in the engineering field started at the age of 18 when he joined Zulia's University (LUZ) and continued in the field as an intern at Venezuela's Petroleum (PDVSA) when he was 21 years old. This developed in Chinchilla Da Silva an interest for implementation of cutting-edge technologies for the exploitation of natural resources, through efficient management of technical, human and operative resources, which will grant maximum productivity and profitability of oil wells.

That was how years later Southern Procurement Services was found, a company focused on providing integral solutions for the oil and gas industry, regarding equipment procurement with cutting-edge technology; specialized services with highly trained personnel, artificial lifting technology, giving solutions and answers to the client's needs.

Southern Procurement Services (SPS) is nowadays a global company with proven experience, which offers its services in the oil and mineral industry, with efficient and appropriate answers in its supply chain. Providing specialized support in operative areas; logistics, delivery, facilities, training, maintenance and equipment's security support, in addition, it counts with officially representations of world-leading brands in the industry.

SPS has operations not only in Venezuela, The United States and Mexico, but also it works along Jordan Minister of Energy and mineral resources, after prequalifying in a tendering process for crude oil exploration and production along the French company Total Oil, Pakistan Petroleum and Jordan Shale Oil Company.

Chinchilla Da Silva has built through his company, commercial ties with big-oil-companies such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, and Weatherford in heavy and extra-heavy crude. SPS counts nowadays on an active capital of 150 million dollars. In March 2018, the company began the emission of preferred shares for up to 100 million dollars through Vienna’s stock exchange in Bloomberg.

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