Manuel Chinchilla:

We estimate to close the year above 35 thousand barrels of crude oil per day

7 Septiembre, 2018
The CEO of Southern Procurement Services revealed that, thanks to labors done by the company in the Urdaneta Field, in 45 days the prodution could be increased from 12 thousand to 19 thousand barrels per day


Manuel Chinchilla: The president of Southern Procurement Services (SPS), Manuel Chinchilla, visited the facilities of Muelle Alí Primera, in order to verify the infrastructure adjustments, lacustrine operations and arrival of technological equipment in favor of the increase of the oil production in the region.

Manuel Chinchilla
Photo: SPS Press

During the tour alongside Dirme Laya, vice president of SPS, Frank Alfonso, Western Services Director, and workers of the company, he said that, thanks to the acquisition of new Russian and Ukrainian equipment done by the company, an increase in the production is expected from 12 thousand to 19 thousand barrels per day in 45 days, tasks that implies repairing and installation of pipelines.

“We are going to reach 19 thousand barrels per day thanks to the system of artificial lift by electro-sumersible pumping”, complemented the CEO of SPS.

SPS has intervened 30 wells in order to increase oil production; In addition, recent studies show that each one has a productive potential of 400 to 530 barrels per day, approximately.

In general, he emphasized that if this flow rate is maintained, it is projected to close the year with a production of 35 thousand barrels of oil per day.

Manuel Chinchilla
Photo: SPS Press

New equipment

Chinchilla detailed that among the equipment that were acquired include 26 lifting pumps, 26 kilometers of pipes of different inches, 50 Variable Speed Drivers, nine Ribes progressive cavity pumps (PCP) for offshore work and more than 10 kilometers of cable that enables optimun working contiditions for Submersible and Surface equipment.

Nevertheless, he highlighted the teamwork that SPS workers have carried out together with the state-owned PDVSA and the results obtained thanks to the transference of Russian technology, as though the reduction of operational times from 66 days to eight days. “This allows us to have better results in the increase of production and reduction of associated costs, so we are planning on lifting six wells per month implementing  ESP systems and Ribes progressive cavity pumps”, explained Manuel Chinchilla.

“Southern Procurement Services provides effective responses in each oil operation, and under the alliance we are bound to supervise, monitor, share with technicians and our workers the reality that is being lived. It is possible to increase oil production with the necessary adjustments integral solutions and highly qualified staff “, emphasized Chinchilla.

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